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    Top 10 Ways to Win a Personal Injury Lawsuit in West Virginia

    Working in personal injury law in West Virginia all over the state, you get calls all day from people wondering if they have a claim. And some of the most frequently asked questions are whether there’s anything that can be done to make sure that your injury lawsuit is a success in West Virginia. The answer is yes, and here are a few of them

    What do Do In A West Virginia Car Accident

    1. Keep your composure at the scene of the car wreck

    The best advice you can receive is that you should keep your cool even though the accident may have been very traumatic. Losing your temper with another driver will not help you in the short term nor in the long term. Just keep your cool and you’ll be glad you did later.

    2. Call 911 When You’re Injured in a Car Accident

    Call 911 immediately. Here is one of the places remaining calm comes in handy, because the operator can better get the important details of the crash from you and locate you to make sure that you are medically attended to immediately. Make sure you keep notes of what you said, and also record information from the people who come to the scene of the crash.

    3. Gather the Insurance Policy Number from the Other Drivers

    Make sure that you get a correct policy number, correct phone number, correct address, etc. Look at their insurance card yourself so that you aren’t fooled into taking down a fake phone number and fake insurance information. This is a surprisingly common occurrence. Snap a pic of their insurance card your cell phone camera, too.

    4. Gather License Plate Numbers

    Your personal injury lawsuit is better and more quickly handled if you have license plate numbers. Your attorney can use this information and have their legal staff get information about the other driver’s insurance coverage and other specifics of the incident. Take a picture of the license plate with your camera phone, which brings us to Accident lawsuit tip Number 5.

    5. Take photographs of the Accident, Yourself, And others

    Some kinds of evidence goes a long way in an injury lawsuit. One of the most effective tools for evidence is photos. It is difficult to argue with a photo as compared to someone’s statement about the accident. It will have powerful effects in getting you the compensation for your injury settlement that you need. Once you have taken the photos, email them to yourself so that you can send them to your injury attorney.

    6. Get Eyewitness Accounts and Record them with Audio on your Phone or Write Them Down

    Get eyewitness accounts from others who witnessed the accident first-hand. Take down their name, number, email address, and a statement from them about what they saw. Writing this down right away will provide a clear and decisive piece of evidence. Even when people are asked later, the detailed become more foggy, so you may have more information than the person can remember later, and your notes will help them confirm and remember the entire story and how they saw it. Make sure to thank them and be polite because they’re potentially doing you a huge favor for sharing their account with you.

    7. Protect this Information in a Safe Place Where you Won’t Lose It

    People often call attorneys about their accidents and then realize that they have not kept good track of their notes, their pictures, etc. Don’t let your phone lose the photos, send them to yourself. Don’t lose any notes you’ve written down, take pictures of those and email them to yourself, too. This will help your lawyer get you the best settlement possible.

    8. Respond quickly

    The earlier you get started with an insurance claim the better. Get on the phone with a lawyer, fill out the form to the right and you’ll get a response very quickly. With the help of your lawyer, you will be able to preserve your evidence, and move forward to make sure that you get the maximum financial settlement that you’re entitled to by law for your injuries.

    9. Determine Whether you must file any report with any government agency

    This is where having a good attorney helps, If you don’t know who you need to report the incident to, your lawyer will help. You’ll be able to figure out which police department to report the accident to, etc.

    10. Always Get A Lawyer Specializing in Personal Injury to Represent You

    First of all, you need a lawyer to preserve your rights. Second of all, make sure you get the best lawyer possible which means hiring a lawyer who has experience in getting you money for your accident. There are many other areas of law, and it’s important that you hire the type of lawyer who knows the ins and outs of personal injury cases so that they’ll know how to help you.