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Get an Injury Lawyer in Washington | Injury Lawsuit
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    Get an Injury Lawyer in Washington

    How to Prepare In Washington State In Case You Need to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

    Working in Washington state over the years I’ve gotten calls with questions about injury legal suits. I’ll name 10 ways to prepare.

    1. Stay Composed at the Accident Scene
    Keep your cool, it will help you stay on top of things.

    2. Call 911 to Get Emergency Medical Help
    Obviously this is something that hardly needs to be said.

    3. Get Insurance Info 
    Take a quick picture of their insurance card. Don’t take them at their word that they’ll get it to you. Get it right now. Or have the police get it if you’re not able.

    4. Gather License Plate Numbers
    Snap a pic of their license and keep it to give your lawyer and your insurance company.

    5. Snap Pictures Of the Entire Scene
    Sometimes people forget to have great records. But a bunch of photographs of the scene including you, the other people, the cars, and the surrounding situation will go a long ways as evidence of what has truly happened.

    6. Eyewitness Observer Accounts
    Get observers to give you their account of what happened when it’s possible.

    7. Do NOT Lose Any of the Pictures or Other Information, It’s Incredibly, and Unfortunately Common
    Don’t lose any of this information. Email it to yourself to keep it in an account so that you won’t lose it.

    8. File Your Claim Quickly in Washington State Before It’s Too Late
    By filing your claim in a fast manner, you won’t be at as high a risk that the insurance company will balk when you file the claim. You’ll show how on the ball you are for doing this.

    9. Police File
    File a police report.

    10. Get a Good Washington Accident/Injury Lawyer
    Lawyers get more money for their clients. Period. And they don’t get paid till you do.