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Get an Injury Lawyer in Washington DC District of Columbia | Injury Lawsuit
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    Get an Injury Lawyer in Washington DC District of Columbia

    Top Ten Things to Watch for in a DC Personal Injury Case

    In the personal injury branch of law, we get thousands of questions every year and so I wanted to address a few of these today and hope it helps you decide what you should do. For the most personalized answers to your questions, fill out the form at the right and one of our lawyers in the DC / Fairfax area will contact you right away.

    1. Don’t Lose Your Cool at the Accident Scene
    Although you might be frantic, just keep your cool. It will help a lot to maintain composure. Whether your accident occurred in D.C., in Fairfax County, or Baltimore, our attorneys are ready to help.

    2. Call 911
    Get 911 on the phone immediately when you’ve been injured in a car wreck. Provide details and note down what you spoke to them about.

    3.Take down the Insurance Info from Others
    Get a picture of their insurance card to make sure you have it for later and email it to yourself. Don’t just let them tell it to you because they’ve been known to lie which is much more common than you would think during car accidents.

    4. Snap a Photo of The Other Car’s License #
    When you snap a picture, you should email it to yourself just like you did with the insurance information. This is important proof and it also provides your lawyer an important tool for looking up the other driver’s insurance company and other details to verify the situation.

    5. Snap photographs of the Scene, Other Driver/passengers, and Yourself
    Pictures are the best kind of evidence for an injury claim. Keep it and email it to yourself so you don’t lose it should you lose your phone.

    6. Ask Witnesses for a Statement
    Courteously ask anyone who was around during the accident for a description of what they saw. This will help later. Get their name and number. This can really help your case later because it isn’t just your word against the other party, but rather you will have information from eye-witness observers to the accident.

    7. Keep all the Info Safe. DON’T LOSE IT!
    If you need to buy a safe to make sure you don’t lose this information then do it. People lose this information so much that it might be more important than making sure about a lot of other things. Do not lose the pictures, statements, or any other details.

    8. Make an Insurance Claim Immediately
    Getting started fast will help get your claim going. The longer you wait to make a claim the more likely the other insurance company is to put up a bigger fuss or even a fight. Regardless, your attorney will aggressively help you to maintain your rights and to get you the best settlement possible.

    9. Police Report
    Give the police a statement and take down a copy of their report. This police report is also important to your accident claim. If your injury lawsuit needs to be litigated in court, this will be very important. Most of the time your claim will be settled before ever going to court.

    10. Fill out the Form to the Right and a Lawyer will Call you Immediately
    You have rights and we will help you protect your rights. Our Lawyers in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. are ready to help you with your accident claim. They’ll treat you fairly and with respect and help you get the money you deserve for your medical bills and for your pain and suffering.