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Richardson, TX Vaginal Mesh Lawyers of Weaver & Associates | Injury Lawsuit
BREAKING NEWS: Weaver & Associates Investigating Fosamax Femur Cases & Vaginal Mesh Injuries
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    Richardson, TX Vaginal Mesh Lawyers of Weaver & Associates

    Vaginal Mesh Lawyer Richardson, TX

    Weaver & Associates Texas Mesh Attorneys

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    Types of Transvaginal Lawsuit Claims

    Transvaginal suits can be classified as a personal injury suit or a class action lawsuit. When there is a class action, the lawyer addresses the interests encompassed by an entire group. On the other hand, with a personal injury lawsuit, the case is focused around the personal situation, claims, as well as the specific injuries.

    The two different types of cases have similarities in that both types of cases assert that the device’s manufacturer did not properly hold up a duty which they were required to up hold in providing consumers a safe product. The device’s maker did not properly design the vaginal mesh or did not properly warn consumers regarding the seriousness of the risks linked with the use of the product. Those points are cause in the vaginal mesh lawsuits.


    Injury Cases From Transvaginal Mesh

    Women which received serious complications from transvaginal mesh should contact our law offices of Weaver & Associates  for more information regarding their options. Call (214) 960-4125.

    Women who suffered from transvaginal mesh suits might experience these very serious complications:

    • Heart attack
    • Blood clots
    • Pulmonary embolisms
    • Recurrence of POP
    • Recurrence of SUI
    • And much more

    Texas Statue of Limitation For Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

    Texas requires that a lawsuit be filed in a period of 2 years from the date of symptoms. Without filing the mesh claim in this time frame (and time has already started ticking,) victims will not be able to receive any kind of financial compensation.