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BREAKING NEWS: Weaver & Associates Investigating Fosamax Femur Cases & Vaginal Mesh Injuries
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    El Paso, TX Vaginal Mesh Attorneys Texas Weaver & Associates

    Vaginal Mesh El Paso, Nationwide

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    Our Texas attorneys have more than 13 offices in Texas but can assist victims across the country. Specifically, our attorneys assist victims of vaginal mesh throughout the El Paso area including: Socorro, TX, Sunland Park, NM, Deming, NM, Las Cruces, NM, Truth or Consequences, NM, Silver City, NM, Alamogordo, NM, and Ruidoso, NM. Our attorneys handle cases in Texas, New Mexico, and nationwide. With the ability to visit you with one of our injury investigators, we will stop at nothing to make sure our clients are taken care of. Learn more: 800-403-6902.

    Eligible Injuries To Obtain Compensation

    This list shows injuries eligible for financial compensation (call for more details or clarification for your condition):

    • Erosion
    • Heart attack
    • Serious infection
    • Bleeding
    • Cardiac arrest
    • Perforation (of bowel, blood vessels, and bladder)
    • Severe pain in pelvis
    • Blood clotting
    • Painful intercourse (referred to as dyspareunia)
    • Inability to perform intercourse
    • Recurrence of prolapse
    • Recurrence of incontinence
    • Stroke
    • Serious neuro-muscular complications
    • Vaginal shrinking, scarring
    • Pulmonary embolisms
    • Vaginal mesh contraction
    • Vaginal scarring
    • Necessity for revision vaginal surgery
    • Vaginal discharge

    You could receive money for your medical costs, lost wages, suffering, as well as for other damages to include also diminution of quality and standard of life.

    Our Lawyers Will Consult Regarding Mesh Injury

    Weaver & Associates has received accolades and is a national leader among plaintiff’s law offices. Our attorneys handle vaginal mesh cases in the entire United States (in all 50 states.) We are extremely proud of the legal accomplishments attained by our lawyers, and careful to make sure our law firm’s reputation continues strong as we provide our clients with personal attention in all situations.

    Regardless of what kind of legal case which you have, we affirm that you may call us with a strong confidence that we will treat you well, treat you with respect, and represent you powerfully in your case. Fill out the injury email information form to the right or call us toll free anytime of day, 24 hours/day 800-403-6902

    Vaginal Mesh History

    During the 1990′s, vaginal mesh grew to become a popular treatment in transvaginal pelvic repair for POP and SUI. By surgically inserting a vaginal mesh medical device, the surgery offered to patients the lure of minimally invasive options as an alternate to traditional vaginal surgeries. Yet, recent data from FDA officials has concluded that these mesh procedures may have extremely harmful outcomes for mesh injury victims — placing them at extreme risk for transvaginal mesh erosion, pelvic pain, requirement for multiple revision surgeries, as well as the rare circumstances leading to death.

    How Weaver & Associates Can Help

    The Law Firm, Weaver & Associates is currently investigating transvaginal mesh claims and accepting injury cases in Texas as well a nationwide for victims of complications which were induced by vaginal mesh. If you have been injured by vaginal mesh, diagnosed by a doctor or someone you know, you should call our law firm immediately to obtain a free mesh consultation. Call 800-403-6902 or fill out our form.


    October, 2012 – Attorney leadership roles assigned in Coloplast MDL.

    September, 2012 – Judge over Avaulta CR Bard mesh litigation scheduled multiple bellwether mesh trials. The initial trials set to start February of 2013. The 2nd set have been scheduled for the month of June 2013.

    August, 2012 – A judicial panel created a pelvic mesh Coloplast MDL. All current pelvic mesh Coloplast personal injury lawsuits will now be brought into this MDL in West Virginia’s Southern District presenting before Judge Goodwin. (He also presides over MDLs against CR Bard, Johnson & Johnson, AMS, as well as Boston Scientific.

    July, 2012 – A Bakersfield, CA jury, awarded Christine Scott as well as her husband a landmark financial award of $5.5 million as a result of their transvaginal mesh lawsuit. This decision marks the first financial judgment stemming out of court for vaginal mesh lawsuits. More than 650 additional vaginal mesh suits are pending, and plaintiffs continue come forward with Weaver & Associates seeking justice for their clients as well as financial compensation for personal injuries.

    Vaginal Mesh: Overview

    Pelvic organ prolapse (known by the term POP) refers to the condition where muscles and pelvic tissue weaken, sag or stretch, which in turn causes pelvic organs to protrude or bulge out of their place into the wall of the vagina. On the other hand, SUI (stress urinary incontinence) happens when urine leaks as a result of physical activity. The kinds of activity that induce this leakage may include sneezing, coughing, exercise or laughing.

    Surgical mesh is a single option out of multiple treatments used for pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. FDA approved the first of many surgical mesh devices to treat SUI in 1996. 2002  brought the first approval for surgical mesh on behalf of pelvic organ prolapse.

    Vaginal mesh for POP involves the  insertion of transvaginal mesh integrated via tiny stitches made within vaginal walls. This is done to reinforce vaginal walls for the weakened wall and to strengthen and pull up bulging pelvic organs. For stress urinary incontinence repair, the vaginal mesh is used in method as a vaginal sling for the support of the woman’s urethra.

    During 2010, the Food & Drug Administration reports around 300,000 patients who underwent the procedures for repair of pelvic organ prolapse. Overall, 260,000 of the patients had the procedure for repair of SUI. One in three pelvic organ prolapse surgeries utilized mesh, with 75 percent of the vaginal mesh pelvic organ prolapse procedures being performed transvaginally. For stress urinary incontinence procedures, four in five were performed transvaginally with surgical mesh.

    Unfortunately, 2008 brought an FDA warning as more information became available regarding dangerous vaginal mesh complications. Again in 2011, the Food & Drug Administration warned regarding possible negative side effects from surgically implanted mesh.

    Some of the most typical complications for mesh include vaginal erosion through the vaginal wall (also referred to as protrusion, exposure, or extrusion), as well as severe pain, infection, dyspareunia, problems urinating, vaginal bleeding, and perforation of organs or blood vessels. Additional adverse reports indicated incontinence, prolapse, neuro-muscular complications, vaginal shrinkage, vaginal scarring, as well as serious emotional distress. Many symptoms necessitated hospitalization as well as followup revision procedures, many of which even required the removal of vaginal tissue and flesh.

    Because of how serious the complications linked with vaginal mesh, these mesh patients are urged to contact us here at Weaver & Associates. Our attorneys are vaginal mesh experts and transvaginal mesh lawyers who can discuss with you the potential for receiving financial compensation for your injuries as a result of mesh injuries.