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Antioch, CA Transvaginal Mesh Law Firm Weaver & Associates | Injury Lawsuit
BREAKING NEWS: Weaver & Associates Investigating Fosamax Femur Cases & Vaginal Mesh Injuries
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    Antioch, CA Transvaginal Mesh Law Firm Weaver & Associates

    Vaginal Mesh Lawyer Antioch

    Call Weaver & Associates at 800-403-6902

    Our Lawyers Help With Injuries By Mesh!

    Of course a transvaginal mesh lawsuit cannot turn back time or restore you to your health prior to the mesh injury. However, winning your lawsuit will ensure that you and your family will have money for all your medical expenses and in some cases, well deserved additional funds for your pain and suffering.

    California Mesh Statutory Limit on Lawsuit Has Started Ticking! 2 Years.

    Women who had transvaginal mesh injuries are urged not to let time slip by. Weaver & Associates will speak with you now if you call 800-403-6902. Once the statute of limitations for California passes, which is 2 years from date of complications, you can no longer receive financial damages for your injuries.

    Who May File a Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit?

    Following a determination that transvaginal mesh caused your symptoms, you often must receive additional surgical procedures in an attempt to right the damage. Women who experience the symptoms are entitled to receive financial compensation. You should call us immediately so that we can help you file a lawsuit to receive damages for your vaginal mesh injury.

    Anyone who thinks her condition has been made more difficult from vaginal mesh is urged to contact our experienced vaginal mesh attorneys of Weaver & Associates to discuss your options.

    What Are the Symptoms of Vaginal Mesh Injury In California?

    If you are wondering if your injuries are consistent with receiving financial damages, see the list below for examples of the ones covered in the mesh lawsuits:
    • Bleeding
    • Perforation
    • Difficulty getting around
    • Painful cramping in pelvis
    • Infection
    • Painful abdominal sensation
    • Recurrence of Pop – Pelvic Organ Prolapse
    • Discharge
    • Scarring
    • Painful intercourse
    • SUI – Stress Urinary Incontenence
    • Shortening of vagina