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    Vaginal Mesh Lawyer Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Call Now

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    Transvaginal Sling Mesh Lawsuit

    Vaginal mesh implants have become unfortunately for many a popular method for treatment in women for pelvic organ prolapse as well as stress urinary incontinence 10 years ago. Over 300,000 women had implants surgically installed in just the year 2010. However in summer of 2011, the FDA issued warnings regarding these mesh implant products.

    Research which was reviewed by Food and Drug Administration officials revealed TEN PERCENT of those who underwent surgery for transvaginal mesh prolapse correction suffer severe and painful complications just a  year after having the surgery.

    Pelvic patients had received many assurances that transvaginal mesh surgery was low-risk as far as surgeries go, yet the complications are shaping up to be life-changing for many of these unfortunate patients. The high number of instances for complications led many hundreds of patients to file mesh lawsuits with the manufacturers.

    POP (Pelvic organ prolapse) is suffered by women following childbirth in a great number of cases and also with women in menopause or following a hysterectomy surgery. Some patients having POP who had mesh surgery might not immediately experience symptoms, yet the floor of the pelvis could collapse, which causes organs to slide and slip from their proper location in the body and even in some cases to literally protrude out of the patient’s body.

    Because physicians were attempting to avoid corrective procedures like hysterectomies which demonstrated high levels of failure, they used vaginal mesh surgeries to treat the condition. This included bladder slings, which are a specific kind of vaginal mesh when used in stress urinary incontinence conditions.

    Manufacturers of Transvaginal Mesh Products

    Company Vaginal / Transvaginal Mesh Products
    American Medical Systems Perigee, Elevate, Apogee
    Boston Scientific Uphold, Pinnacle
    C.R. Bard Pelvisoft BioMesh, Avaulta, Pelvilace, Pelivicol Collagen Matrix, Pelvitex
    Caldera Medical Ascend Posterior, Ascend Anterior
    Ethicon (Johnson and Johnson) Gynecare Prosima, Gynecare Prolift, ObTape, Gynecare TVT

     Why Patients File Mesh Lawsuits for Injuries from Transvaginal Mesh

    Doctors hailed vaginal mesh implants to be low-risk surgeries and it was hailed a breakthrough in medicine too quickly. Because of this, nearly half a million women underwent transvaginal mesh surgery for treatment.

    Mesh may begin eroding into vaginal walls and other pelvic organs just a year following surgery. The mesh may also tighten, shift, and cause protrusions out of the body and into the woman’s vaginal canal.

    Women injured from Vaginal Mesh could experience:

    • Erosion of vaginal mesh into vaginal tissue
    • Perforation of bowels, pelvic organs, blood vessels
    • Extreme pain as well as difficulty moving
    • Moderate to Severe abdominal pressure
    • POP Recurrence
    • Vaginal infection and discharge
    • Painful Intercorse
    • Vagina shortening/scarring
    • Vaginal bleeding
    • Urinary incontinence

    Unfortunately, many women have no way to reverse the harm caused by the surgery. Many surgeries could be required just to take out the mesh fragments which have become intertwined with the body’s tissue. The vaginal mesh in many instances simply cannot be completely removed.

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