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Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyers of Weaver & Associates | Injury Lawsuit
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    Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyers of Weaver & Associates

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    Involved in a motorcycle accident? Determining who is responsible for a motorcycle wreck can involve factors like carelessness of the alleged wrongdoer s). On roads in Texas, laws govern the use of motor vehicles and these are used partially in determining responsibility. If someone violates a law which then causes a motorcycle accident, this may lead to a determination of ultimate negligence. Some cases find car drivers liable for most of motorcycle crashes even though the driver may have been driving under the posted speed limit.

    Driving a “safe” speed regardless of whether this speed is below the posted limit is what is required by Texas law. A responsible driver must do this regardless of whether it’s below the limit. Road defects, fog, or rainy conditions also require additional driving caution, like pulling over until conditions become safe or by simply reducing the vehicle’s speed.

    Weaver & Associates – Houston, TX Motorcycle Attorneys!

    Weaver & Associates attorneys have a team of seasoned bike attorneys having experience in dealing with freeway motorcycle accidents throughout the state of Texas. Our local Houston lawyers handle cases here, but we also have attorneys in Fort Worth, and the entire DFW area and a plethora of other counties in Texas. For riders, injuries may be extremely severe from their accident. The legal details of a motorcycle accident involve many factors which are unique to motorcycles and which are different from the details of accidents involving only cars and other types of enclosed vehicles that have seat-restraints and airbags.

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    Motorcyclists are often ejected at high speeds, but even when traveling at low speeds, they can be ejected due to the actions of another vehicle. Helmets and pads may not completely shield a motorcyclist from the effects of a crash. Riders may be left in a condition of serious bodily injury including brain injury, back injury, shoulder, arm, knees, ruptured discs, or the extremely unfortunate situation of wrongful death involving a motorcycle accident. Our attorneys specifically deal with motorcycle wrecks, and have vast experience and knowledge to deal with the laws of the state of Texas.

    The Houston motorcycle attorneys of Weaver & Associates have experience in handling trials, and will aggressively help you to pursue motorcycle damages to cover maximum monetary damages such as medical bills, wages, and both physical and emotional suffering.