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Houston Injury Lawsuit Lawyer | Injury Lawsuit
BREAKING NEWS: Weaver & Associates Investigating Fosamax Femur Cases & Vaginal Mesh Injuries
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    Houston Injury Lawsuit Lawyer

    Houston TX Personal Injury Lawyers

    Need A Lawyer For a Houston Injury Lawsuit?

    The personal injury litigation climate in Texas is incredibly complicated and can be expensive. But, Weaver & Associates stands ready to assist you! We will not charge you for services and you won’t pay us a single penny until and only if you collect a financial settlement in your favor. We handle injury lawsuits based on the concept of contingency fees, which essentially indicates that you’ll not be charged a fee by Weaver & Associates unless we recover a financial compensation settlement to pay you and your expenses.

    Have you been injured by a bad drug? Have you been injured on the job? Or possibly it was a car wreck, or some other type of negligence. If you have, then call our law offices right now and we’ll provide you a FREE injury legal meeting with an attorney. We’ll meet with you about your injury and discuss with you so that you can have peace in your life.

    Weaver & Associates (281) 547-7703!

    Houston injury lawyers, which are led by Bob Schwartz in the Houston area have over a century of injury experience with injury cases. Mr. Schwartz with his legal team handle injury cases including the following:

    • Car Wrecks - Injuries on Texas roads
    • Negligence - Weaver & Associates deal with your negligence injuries
    • Bad Drug Lawsuits- A vast array of bad drugs such as, Granuflo, Yaz, Naturalyte, Yasmin, Pradaxa, Vaginal Mesh, Fosamax, and more. If you’ve been injured by one of these drugs, call us, we can help.
    • Medical Malpractice- Medical errors by doctors or other healthcare professionals and which cause injury due to negligence or not operating at a sufficient level of health care expected for that professional.

    Houston, Texas Injury Lawyers Will Handle Your Lawsuit

    The offices of the attorneys of Weaver & Associates have developed an incredible legal reputation both nationwide and in the state of Texas as an injury firm which is prepared to handle all different kinds of personal injury lawsuits on behalf of their clients that were negligently injured. Our attorneys represent our client victims that have been injured through negligence from drugs, wrongful death suits, car wreck claims, and much more.

    Call the Offices of Weaver & Associates Right Away at the toll free number (281) 547-7703. Put the combined decades and decades (over 100 years) of trial experience to work in your corner so that we’ll fight for you. Our attorneys will guide, fight, and work closely with you to take care of your needs. We’ll work hard to put money into your own pocket according as you deserve.