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Houston Texas Personal Injury Attorney | Injury Lawsuit
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    Houston Texas Personal Injury Attorney

    Houston TX Personal Injury Attorney

    Many people have branded the law offices of Weaver & Associates¬†divorce lawyers. But what they don’t know is that Weaver & Associates¬†has performed tens of millions of dollars of personal injury lawsuits in Houston, TX over the past couple years alone. Literally hundreds and thousands of Texas residents especially in the Houston area have come to the offices in our Houston locations where they’ve been assisted to successfully file their lawsuits against insurance companies who won’t pay, employers who refuse to take responsibility, and others. These clients have received cash settlements in their pockets to pay for their medical expenses, time and lost wages at work, pain and suffering and more. Although the past results of our clients don’t guarantee that you’ll receive the same results, you can rest assured that our offices will fight on your behalf to get you the financial award or settlement that you deserve.

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    Many people involved in a Houston car accident are not sure who they should call. They think to themselves that there are many personal injury lawyers and without the assistance of a good attorney, you might not know that who you hire matters. There are so many attorneys who handle only very general injury cases. Our law offices are in a position with the 35+ attorneys to handle all sorts of injury lawsuits. We can work hard and we have board certified trial attorneys in the field of personal injury which means that they meet a high standard for providing excellent legal representation. Call our number above or contact us via the form to the right and we’ll review your accident or other type of drug lawsuit injury today.