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Fort Worth Motorcycle Accident Lawyers of Weaver & Associates | Injury Lawsuit
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    Fort Worth Motorcycle Accident Lawyers of Weaver & Associates

    Fort Worth Motorcycle Crash Lawyers

    Have you been injured in a Fort Worth motorcycle accident? Finding out who the responsible is in a motorcycle accident can involve numerous factors such as alleged negligence of other drivers. On Texas roads, the local and state laws governing operation of motor vehicles are used in conjunction with other factors in determining who is at fault and who is negligent. If a person violates Texas law and causes an accident, this might be used in determining negligence. Some situations find that drivers are liable for the majority of motorcycle accidents even while driving below the posted speeds.

    A “safe” speed is not simply following speed limits according to Texas law. A driver could be found negligent even if they drive at or below speed limit. Defects in the road, rain, fog, or other conditions could require an additional level of care and driving caution. This means a driver should sometimes pull to the side of the road till conditions are safe again or simply lowering their vehicle’s speed.

    Law Offices of Weaver & Associates – Fort Worth, TX Motorcycle Lawyers!

    Weaver & Associates lawyers are a team of experienced bike lawyers with experience handling all types of highway motorcycle accidents and on all roads in Texas as well as accidents which occurred out of the state.

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    Motorcyclists who have been ejected at both high and low speeds, can be ejected through the negligence of another driver. The use of Helmets as well as pads and armor might not completely protect a rider from an accident. Motorcyclists may receive serious injury such as back injury, brain injury, face injury, shoulder, knees, ruptured discs, arms, or the very unfortunate case of a wrongful death through a motorcycle crash. Our lawyers specifically handle motorcycle accidents and have deep experience in dealing with the Texas laws governing the operation of motorcycles and all motor vehicles.

    The Fort Worth motorcycle lawyers of Weaver & Associates have vast experience handling cases which sometimes go to trial. They will aggressively pursue your motorcycle accident injury claim to help you obtain the maximum amount of damages for medical costs, lost wages, as well as both emotional and physical suffering.