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Car Accident Lawyers Weaver & Associates | Injury Lawsuit
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    Car Accident Lawyers Weaver & Associates

    Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyer

    The Law Offices of Weaver & Associates are accomplished Fort Worth auto accidents attorneys. Through the years, the influence of legal practice at Weaver & Associates has grown to dozens of attorneys, many of which are board certified personal injury trial attorneys  have the talent and the legal expertise to help their many clients who were victims of car wrecks. We will protect your legal rights as well as secure for you financial compensation to pay for physical, emotional, and other suffering such as loss of wages. As one of Texas’ most highly experienced car accident lawyers, Weaver & Associates’ Turner, Maxwell, Schwartz, and more make up a seasoned, well-versed group of attorneys who head up the legal team responsible for working tirelessly to obtain and win cases for clients. They do this by presenting the best possible legal arguments.

    Who is Responsible for Car Accidents?

    While car accidents are sometimes purely coincidental, most often the cause is traced to negligence on the part of another person or their reckless driving behavior. A large group of car wrecks can also stem from reckless drivers who are unfortunately intoxicated while driving as well as drivers who operate unsafe vehicles knowingly. For this reason, over a fourth of drivers in America have had a car wreck in the last 5 years.

    As Fort Worth’s most experienced auto accident lawyers, Weaver & Associates focus on assisting car wreck victims in dealing with the distress that comes from their experiences which can be extremely traumatic both physically mentally, and emotionally. Our attorneys obtain compensation which is commensurate with how severe the accident has been. Although each accident case is different, car accident victims need to prove someone else held legal responsible for causing their injuries. Our law offices do this through various methods – such as demonstrating the other motorist, indeed, caused the crash, or through proving faulty design of the vehicle which played a significant role causing injuries.

    Among car defects most often responsible for accidents and which also aggravate car accident injuries are the following:

    • Faulty brakes
    • Defective Tires
    • Defective Seat Belts
    • Faulty Air Bags
    • Defective Electronic Stability Control
    • Dfective Car Seats

    Contacting Your Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyer

    Call Us at 817-222-1108 or Fill out the form to the right and we will contact you immediately to help you with your accident claim!