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Car Accident Lawyer and Attorney Offices Weaver & Associates | Injury Lawsuit
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    Car Accident Lawyer and Attorney Offices Weaver & Associates

    Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyer

    The Law Offices of Weaver & Associates are led by the attorneys Randy Turner, Bob Schwartz, Steve Maxwell, and the firm’s President, Phil Galyen. These car accident attorneys and the over 35 other attorneys in the firm have decades of experience. Through the years, Mr. Galyen’s personal injury legal team has assisted many car accident victims to preserve their legal rights, obtain financial compensation paying for physical as well as for mental and emotional suffering. Also covered are lost wages as well as a diminution in lifestyle.

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    While auto accidents can be coincidental, most commonly their cause is linked to negligence or reckless driving behavior. Reckless intoxicated drivers and those who operate dangerous vehicles knowingly are also included in this group. Because of this, over a quarter of Americans fall victim to car accidents and have been involved in a crash in the last 5 years.

    Among car defects most often responsible or aggravating to accident injuries include the following:

    • Faulty brakes
    • Defective Tires
    • Faulty Seat Belts
    • Malfunctioning Air Bags
    • Defective Electronic Stability Control
    • Defective Car Seats

    Contacting Your Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyer

    If a loved one or you or both has been a car accident victim or suffered from this kind of calamity, you could be legally entitled to financial compensation from emotional and physical distress, expenses from medical injuries, wages or a reduction in your quality of life. Contact the Fort Worth car accident lawyers, Weaver & Associates today at (817) 422-5929 for a free consultation because this could be very important in the fast response to preserve legal rights, preserve evidence as well as to identify the negligent parties.