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Fort Worth Texas Injury Lawyers of Weaver & Associates | Injury Lawsuit
BREAKING NEWS: Weaver & Associates Investigating Fosamax Femur Cases & Vaginal Mesh Injuries
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    Fort Worth Texas Injury Lawyers of Weaver & Associates

    The law offices of Weaver & Associates have stacked the odds in your favor to handle your injury lawsuit or personal injury claim in Fort Worth. Representing victims through the DFW metroplex, our attorneys can handle your case with excellence. With the experience of dozens of attorneys and specifically being led by the expertise of Randall Turner, Stephen Maxwell, Robert Schwartz & Scott Robelen, you’ll be able to rest assured that our board certified lawyers in the field of personal injury trial law have what it takes to bring your case to trial if necessary. Although the insurance companies often try to drag these kinds of lawsuits out in court, our lawyers regularly secure settlements without needing to go to trial.

    Not only that, but when insurance companies offer you a check for $500, you’ll know that if you have spoken to us and we have told you that you have a valid claim, you’ll have received the proper legal advice regarding your injuries. You will know that the insurance company in offering you that check is simply attempting to get you some quick cash and get away. Oftentimes victims turn down a $500 check, come to our law offices, and later receive tens of thousands of dollars for their injuries. Others eventually receive hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars for their faulty product claims, dangerous drug injuries, car accidents, or wrongful death suits. Don’t let your injuries hold you back. Don’t let the insurance company bully you. Nobody bullies our clients and gets away with it.

    We will protect your interests, so call today in order to determine what kind of financial settlement we can obtain on your behalf. Call the number above or fill out the convenient form to the right. Don’t let time go by! There are statutes of limitations which govern the legal time frame under which you must file or bring an injury lawsuit. Don’t lose your chance to get financially compensated. Call us today at (817) 422-5929.