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Personal Injury Accident Lawyer Firm Weaver & Associates | Injury Lawsuit
BREAKING NEWS: Weaver & Associates Investigating Fosamax Femur Cases & Vaginal Mesh Injuries
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    Personal Injury Accident Lawyer Firm Weaver & Associates

    Dallas Texas Injury Accident Lawyers

    If you’ve been injured from carelessness of another. Who do you think to call? How would you manage costs from your injuries? How about making sure that your legal rights to compensation are preserved? How will you assure that you’ll receive financial damages to handle medical costs, lost wages due to no ability to work, pain and suffering both of a physical and an emotional nature?

    Most people don’t realize that how they handle the situation following an accident if paramount in making sure you receive adequate financial compensation for your injuries. Our experienced lawyers are ready to help. The Weaver & Associates legal team has a remarkable and powerful reputation to help with handling accident and injury cases. Our Texas accident injury attorneys will provide you a consultation to help you with protecting your legal rights.

    Weaver & Associates Available 24/7 at (972) 810-1300!

    Dallas accident injury lawyers, Steve Maxwell and Randall Turner lead the Dallas and Fort Worth teams and have over a century’s worth of time working in the personal injury section of law. Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Turner handle injuries and accident including the following:

    • Auto Accidents - Car accident injuries on Texas roads.
    • Negligence Cases - The attorneys of Weaver & Associates deal with negligence injuries involving all different accident injury negligence cases but also for fraud that is intentional.
    • Products Liability- Consumer products such as home appliances may cause injury from being overall dangerously designed or negligent assembly.
    • Medical Malpractice- Doctors and medical staff unfortunately are human and can improperly misdiagnosis illness. Other instances such as medical errors in surgery or receiving substandard care.
    • Plane Accidents  and Aviation of All Types- All kinds of aviation accidents such as plane crashes from both commercial and private flights.
    • Railway Accidents - United States Federal law handles these kinds of injury cases, and the attorneys of Weaver & Associates deal with such cases mainly involved with railroad crossings.
    • Workers Compensation Injuries- Workplace accidents may happen in diverse settings, such as construction accidents, car wrecks while driving a company car or even office accidents.

    Dallas Fort Worth injury attorneys, Weaver & Associates serve their clients throughout the state of Texas. Specifically, our attorneys have handled cases in these DFW cities:

    For more information, give our offices a call at (972) 810-1300!