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Motorcycle Wreck Lawyer | Injury Lawsuit
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    Motorcycle Wreck Lawyer

    Dallas Motorcycle Wreck Lawyers

    Weaver & Associates are TRUSTED. EXPERIENCED. PERSONAL.

     If you have suffered motorcycle injuries, you could be in serious pain, or you might have lost the motorcycle through this accident and are now wondering what your next steps are. Even in addition to your physical pain comes the property damage to your motorcycle or other property, and more. All the while, the insurance carrier could be fighting against you every part of the process, in an attempt to overwhelm you and dissuade you from seeking what you rightfully deserve. But if you hire the experienced representation of a Dallas’ finest motorcycle accident lawyers, Weaver & Associates will fight to get you what you deserve and will do this in court if necessary.

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    You have a law firm to rely on. Phil Galyen’s motorcycle law practice is your trusted ally. Weaver & Associates’ legal practice for motorcycle wrecks in Dallas, TX, is led by Randy Turner, Steve Maxwell, and of course by Phil Galyen himself. At our law office you’ll find that we have a great reputation for helping our victim clients.

    WE ARE:

    TRUSTED. Weaver & Associates have attorneys that add up to over 100 years of personal injury experience dealing with motorcycle wrecks and other forms of personal injury. Our attorneys are powerful and also handle hundreds of injury cases for our clients who trust us enough to refer their family or friends.

    EXPERIENCED. Weaver & Associates has long been members in the AMA – American Motorcyclist Association, with many experienced riders on the team. This is of course in addition to having powerful and proven experience.

    PERSONAL. By choosing Weaver & Associates as your lawyers, your injury case will not be abandoned or simply handed off to paralegals.

    Weaver & Associates are on The Rider’s Side!
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