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Weaver Injury Law Firm:
(214) 960-4125

Injury Lawsuit Carrollton | Attorneys for Injury Lawsuit Carrollton TX

Carrollton TX Injury Lawsuit Attorney

Weaver & Associates is a Lone Star State legal team with a Carrollton injury lawyer to serve you in a state of hurt. Few things alter a person’s life more quickly than injury. It’s immediate, it may last and it could threaten your livelihood. Even for cases of moderate injury, it helps to solicit assistance from injury lawyers in Carrollton TX while you heal.

The Weaver & Associates team consists of over 30 lawyers with broad-ranging expertise. As it applies to injury, your Carrollton attorney taps into Texas State law to protect your health and the finances which are impacted by any injury to it. It’s our job to relieve your headache.

Call Weaver & Associates (214) 960-4125

Injury claimants’ needs:
  • proper medical assessment
  • crucial healing time
  • economic relief during healing
  • restitution from the other at-fault party

At Weaver & Associates, personal attention helps to transform your pain and suffering into a full recovery with legal remedy.

We can’t fix something if you don’t tell us about it.

Maybe it’s human nature to minimize our distress, but it’s not legally wise. Pick up the phone and let us bring our personal commitment to you. The letter of the law entitles you to fair and equitable resolution of any injury. Call upon our Carrollton injury attorney, and rest easy with Weaver & Associates expertise at your side.


Any skilled injury lawsuit lawyer in Carrollton, TX will be able to accept your case in the event of an accident, but only the highly experienced injury lawyers of Weaver & Associates will be able to offer you the best defense. There are standards that have to be met to prove duty of care was taken such as:
  • The vehicle must have been traveling at a reasonable speed
  • The driver must have looked for risky conditions to avoid
  • The car must have been kept under proper control
  • There can not have intoxicated factors present

Were You A Party To A Car Accident? Injury Lawsuit Attorneys In Carrollton, TX Are Here For You

In addition, injury lawsuit lawyers in Carrollton, TX will also seek to shed light on the truth surrounding the driver’s actions. If the actions created a risk that was unreasonable for the situation, a personal injury suit can be filed. In cases where there is risk, but the risk can be anticipated, the driver has the responsibility to avoid it. If you think that the other driver was negligent in their duty of care, injury lawyers in Carrollton, TX from our office are here to fight for you.

Call Carrollton TX Injury Lawsuit Lawyers of Weaver & Associates Today. Get a Free Appointment Regarding How Much Money You Could Receive By Calling (214) 960-4125