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Sexual Assault Injury Lawyers Weaver & Associates | Injury Lawsuit
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    Sexual Assault Injury Lawyers Weaver & Associates

    Sexual Assault Lawyer

    If you’ve been sexually assaulted, let the competent sexual assault injury lawyers of Weaver & Associates assist. An event like sexual assault is devastating and

    Weaver & Associates help sexual abuse victims

    Our personal injury attorneys will help with the building of a legal case against someone who has physically and emotionally harmed you through sexual abuse and sexual assault.  If you or someone you love has suffered personal damage with your rights, your reputation, your personal property, this is something that our team can help with because you arguably have an injury case.

    But the only method for knowing is for you to talk with our legal professionals at Weaver & Associates regarding your unique situation.

    Personal injury law intentionally remains vague with regards to personal injury, due to the fact that not every damage has an outward aspect. In fact, personal injury can also apply to an injury to reputation, like character defamation, slander, or a life of pain and suffering due to abuses of a sexual nature. These are winnable cases just like cases which involve physical injury.

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    One particularly damaging event which warrants a personal injury attorney’s opinion is any type of situation which involves sexual abuse. Take Jane Doe is 20 years old. She is an alleged victim who can testify to the suffering and pain caused due to this kind of unthinkable abuse. She has emotional scars which could not outwardly be visible at all due to her attempts to hide this embarrassing and hurtful situation. Yet anyone who has suffered a similar situation will explain to you that they are suffering intense, deep injuries.

    Signs For Hope For Sexual Assault Victims

    There is hope in Jane Doe’s life, and also in your life if you have suffered similarly. She told us in confidential meetings, “I will not let my history stop me from having a happy future. I can move on from this and have a happy and productive life.” She had been armed with the assistance of powerful victim attorneys, Weaver & Associates.

    • Receive help with proof of negligence
    • Receive financial compensation
    • Show connection between your abuse and injuries both emotionally and physically
    • Find peace
    • Find help for moving on
    • Receive assistance through counseling
    • And much more

    Continuation Of Our Victim’s Story

    When our attorneys asked her about her painful history, Ms. Doe bravely explained to her attorneys regarding her history of sexual abuse, as well as her constant battle with shame and pain. When she was questioned regarding her failed prior relationships as well as her personal history with abuse Ms. Doe replied: “men were just disgusting for me.”

    Her answer is not a surprise considering that she has had such a painful past. Ms. Doe has been developmentally disabled with her relationships with men and other people. She has fought severe depression throughout much of her adolescent and adult life. While a young woman, she was assaulted sexually at gunpoint by the boyfriend of her mother.”

    This kind of damage holds huge difficulty in quantifying, yet leaves its victims with deep wounds and personal injuries.

    Don’t Suffer Silently, We Can Help

    There is simply no reason for victims to suffer silently following any kind of abuse.

    Would you like to talk with a caring and compassionate attorney regarding your case, call our law office to discuss at your convenience or complete the form to the right and we’ll call or email you right back.