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Get an Injury Lawyer in Oregon | Injury Lawsuit
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    Get an Injury Lawyer in Oregon

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    Many of our clients who are victims of personal injuries are concerned about the welfare of the
    defendant. This makes them uncomfortable with the thought of taking money from a person who
    may be going through the same ordeal as them. Understandably so, accidents are no easier for the
    defendants than it is for the victims. It is important to realize that the cause of accidents is often
    negligence and recklessness – behaviors that should be penalized especially when it endangers the
    lives of other people.

    Settlement Offers

    Insurance companies pay for the damages in most personal injury cases. These companies save
    billions each year by convincing accident victims to accept settlement offers that are smaller than
    what their case is really worth. They will contact you, offer an amount and have you sign a release
    form that will free them from legal liabilities. It is for the reason why an experienced attorney will
    advise you against talking to claim adjusters or the defendant’s attorney. Their aim is not to help
    you but to gather as much information that will help them reduce or completely eliminate their
    responsibility. As a practice, we do not totally discourage our clients from hearing out what the
    insurance company is offering. It is good to know what they are willing to give as long as you don’t
    sign any documents without consulting your attorney first.

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    Our primary goal here at Weaver & Associates is to uphold our client’s rights and secure for
    them a fair compensation. We are advocates of justice and are one of the best consumer
    law firms in Oregon. We have over 50 years of combined experience in litigation, defense
    and settlements. Our personal injury attorneys in Oregon have access to the firm’s legal
    resources. Call us at (800) 403-6902 to schedule a free no obligation consultation with one of
    our lawyers. Here at Weaver & Associates, we care and we deliver results.