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    Get an Injury Lawyer in Louisiana Weaver & Associates

    Powerful Accident/Injury Help

    Manufacturers and retailers are responsible for the products they create and sell to the public. These products are subjected to heavy and rigorous testing to ensure their safety. While defects are not intentional, millions of people are harmed or killed by defective products every year and the law holds these businesses liable. If your fingers are crushed because your window’s pulley broke and the window shut closed without warning, you may
    be able to collect damages from the companies involved in the chain of production and sale.

    If you have been injured in an accident anywhere in the state of Louisiana, call our offices right away. We’re here to help! Call (800) 403-6902 or fill out the form to the right on this page!

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    Product liability is one category of personal injury cases that stems from a defective product design, mistakes during production, or failure to inform consumers of possible safety and health risks associated to the product’s use. The company’s liabilities should be established before you can file a product liability suit. Different States have different statutes on the manufacturer’s liability on a product which varies from 6 to 12 years.

    Establishing Liability

    Liabilities are established when defective parts are used in creating a product or when a product is not assembled correctly resulting to injuries, when the seller or manufacturer fails to uphold a claim they made of their product, or a product is misrepresented/ falsely advertised to downplay the risks associated with its use.

    Free Consultation, No Win, No Pay

    If a drug is not labelled or tested properly and it causes an injury, the drug maker will be held liable for the injuries. The same goes for defective auto parts, industrial and commercial equipment, medical devices, toys and baby products.

    Filing Personal Injury Suit

    If you or your family member suffered from a personal injury due to a defective product, you should seek legal assistance from a lawyer who has the necessary experience. Contact Weaver & Associates at (800) 403-6902 for a free consultation with our personal injury lawyer in Louisiana. We will determine if you have a strong case and explain the process to you in detail. We have successfully represented clients with personal injury cases and have an
    excellent record in securing fair compensation. Call us now.