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Get an Injury Lawyer in Kansas | Injury Lawsuit
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    Get an Injury Lawyer in Kansas

    Personal injury is a civil claim afforded by the law to persons with injuries due to no fault of his own. A personal injury does not have to be physical it can also be emotional or mental. A person subjected to severe verbal abuse or emotional distress can also file for a personal injury suit. In a case of wrongful death due to a vehicular accident or accident in the workplace, the family of the deceased person can also file a personal injury suit.

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    As in most States in the US, Kansas follows the 51% rule of the Modified Contributory Negligence system. A plaintiff can secure damages even if he is equally responsible for the accident that caused his injuries. The judgement amount will be decided by a jury or a judge and the plaintiff’s contribution to the injury will be factored.

    If you were injured in a vehicular accident and was awarded with $10000 in damages but jury determined that you were partly to blame because you were tailgating and decided that you are 30% responsible for the accident, instead of getting the full $10000 in damages, you may only get 70% of the damages or $7000.

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    It is not advisable to represent yourself in a personal injury case if you don’t have the legal knowledge. Whether you are dealing with an insurance company, individual, or corporation, there’s a big chance that you will not receive a fair compensation. It’s a known fact in the legal community that defendants try to get away with paying as little in compensation as they possibly can. The lawyers of Weaver & Associates will help protect and uphold your
    rights. We have over 50 years of combined experience in the field and have successfully represented thousands and thousands of clients with personal injury cases. We have the track record of securing fair settlements four clients. Schedule a free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers now. Call (800) 403-6902