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Get an Injury Lawyer in Idaho | Injury Lawsuit
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    Get an Injury Lawyer in Idaho

    If you were injured due to another’s fault or negligence, you may be eligible to file a personal injury suit against that person or company. In most cases, you can file the suit yourself but navigating the legal system without any legal knowledge is proven detrimental to any case.

    Do I have sufficient grounds for a suit?

    Not all types of injuries can be admitted for a personal injury lawsuit in Idaho. When you consult a lawyer about the details of your case, he will be able to determine if you have sufficient grounds to take your case to court and whether or not you stand a high chance in winning.

    Some personal injury cases are harder to win than others. Medical Malpractices and other professional malpractices are generally difficult to prosecute due to lack of admissible evidence in court. It is not impossible but it will take an excellent lawyer with vast legal resources and experience to successfully represent such a case.

    Don’t Let the Time Run Out From Statute of Limitations

    A statute of limitation is time restrictions where, after a certain period of time after an incident occurs, the aggrieved party can no longer file legal proceedings. It varies with each State and there are certain situations that would qualify tolling of statute. The Statute of Limitations for personal injuries in Idaho is 2 years.

    Call Our Attorneys Today

    As with any legal matters, hiring a lawyer could mean the difference between winning and losing your case. This is true especially if the defendants don’t want to settle or if you need to take your case to court.

    Weaver & Associates has over 50 years of combined experience in litigation and defense, giving our lawyers access to our vast legal resources and experience. We’ve successfully represented clients who were victims of negligence or wrong doing. Contact us at (800) 403-6902 today to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our highly esteemed personal injury attorneys in Idaho.