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Hip Replacement Attorney Personal Injury Weaver & Associates | Injury Lawsuit
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    Hip Replacement Attorney Personal Injury Weaver & Associates

    Hip Replacement Attorneys

    Weaver & Associates Attorneys at Law Understand that having your hip replaced though surgery is a big life event. When things go well, the process can give you a new lease on life. No surgery is ever easy, and hip replacement recovery can last anywhere from six months to over two years. During this time there are lots of physical therapy as well as intense pain involved.

    When a hip implant malfunctions, become misaligned, or fails completely, the process has to be started from the beginning on top of the physical pain of internal hip failure. A failed implant is not only painful but also can result in surrounding bone dislocation, swelling and in some cases, immobility.

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    Getting a failed implant fixed can be a lengthy process filled with pain and frustration, not to mention additional cost. The skilled lawyers from our firm can work with you to:

    • Get compensation for a new implant
    • Fight for pain and suffering awards
    • Work to prove your quality of life was affected
    • And so much more!

    If your implant has failed or malfunctioned and you want to file suit, contact our office today to discuss your case and see if your circumstances qualify. There are thousands of implants done annually, but until many of those faulty cases are reported, the equipment isn’t pulled from the medical shelves. This can result in your receiving an implant that could already be the subject of a suit. A skilled hip replacement lawyer from Weaver & Associates can work with you to get the relief you deserve.

    Weaver & Associates Will Help You Get Justice For Your Hip Replacement

    Injured from hip replacement Lawyer

    Hip replacements are the repair of aged natural hip sockets through the addition of artificial hip sockets and joints. This replacement is known as a hip implant and is brought on by fractures and other injuries to hip bones and joints. Additional factors for hip replacement surgery include arthritis. The surgery’s goal basically consists of reducing discomfort and pain as well as increasing mobility.