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Get an Injury Lawyer in Hawaii | Injury Lawsuit
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    Get an Injury Lawyer in Hawaii

    If you are injured because of a faulty product or structure or are injured due to another
    person’s negligence, you can file a personal injury suit to collect damages. The amount of
    the compensation depends on the strength of your case and the severity of the injuries you

    Personal injury suits commonly arise from vehicular and pedestrian accidents. However,
    if you fell off the stairs in an establishment and broke your neck because the stairs were
    slippery, you can sue the establishment for damages. Injuries that arise from medical
    malpractice or negligence also fall under personal injury although such cases are often
    dismissed due to lack of admissible evidence.

    Do I need a lawyer?

    Depending on the actual facts of your case, it may not be necessary to get a personal injury
    lawyer. However, with all that’s at stake in a personal injury case, not hiring a lawyer could
    cost you a fair settlement.

    Personal injury lawyers often charge contingency fees instead of billing per hour. If you
    win the case and are awarded damages, or if the defendant offers a settlement amount
    that is agreeable to you, your lawyer will collect a certain percentage from the agreed
    amount. If you lose the case, your lawyer will not be paid too. If you do decide to get an
    attorney, discuss the rate and the payment arrangement. You want to make sure that the
    compensation or settlement amount will cover the actual damages after the legal fees are
    paid out.

    How long does it take to settle a personal injury suit?

    The fastest way to settle a personal injury case is to settle it outside of court. If you and
    the defendant couldn’t agree on an amount and it goes to trial, it can take a few months to
    years depending on the actual facts of your case. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to
    give you a time frame so you will know what to expect.

    Are you suffering from a personal injury? Call Weaver & Associates at (800) 403-6902 to
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