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    GranuFlo Naturalyte Injury Lawyers of Weaver & Associates

    GranuFlo & Naturalyte Injury Lawyer

    Fresenius GranuFlo® & NaturaLyte® Dialysis Heart Attack Attorneys Weaver & Associates

    Dialysis Heart Attack Lawsuits | Side Effects & Complications Including: Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Arrhythmia, Stroke, Altered mental state (such as severe confusion), Death, Hemodialysis cardiopulmonary arrest, Hemodialysis heart attack, and low blood pressure

    Fresenius is the largest hemodialysis clinic corporation in the United States. Fresenius Medical is also the country’s largest supplier for dialysis equipment and disposable dialysis products & dialysis supplies. The company is under intense investigation due to failing to notify customers and doctors of a possibly lethal heart risk linked to high doses of GranuFlo® and the alternate form of the drug NaturaLyte®, which are Fresenius dialysis medications.

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    The majority of patients who received Fresenius dialysis treatment held the expectation which a reasonable patient would expect that the medical products they were using in dialysis would be held to be safe and, hence, would generally not be aware regarding specific medication and product names used in their medical treatment for dialysis. Some of these products include GranuFlo® as well as its counterpart NaturaLyte® which were developed, produced, and distributed by Fresenius Medical. Additionally, due to the sheer number of dialysis facilities under Fresenius operation (many of which had different names locally,) the possibility exists that dialysis patients had no idea that they were being administered dialysis products at Fresenius Medical Care facilities.


    Weaver & Associates Attorneys at Law is investigating these legal injury cases on behalf of victim clients to find out whether their injury might be linked with the Fresenius dialysis products Naturalyte® or GranuFlo® whether at a medical center operated by Fresenius, at a medical center affiliated with Fresenius or at a different, unaffiliated facility.

    GranuFlo & Naturalyte Risks & Complications

    According to FDA officials and according to Fresenius, itself, the drugs GranuFlo® & NaturaLyte® may elevate the levels of bicarbonate in dialysis patients, which could lead to hemodialysis metabolic alkalosis, which is a major risk factor in the onset of a multitude of heart problems, and other health problems such as the following:

    • Death
    • Sudden Heart Attack
    • Hemodialysis cardiopulmonary arrest
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    • Hemodialysis cardiac arrest
    • Stroke
    • Altered mental state of confusion
    • Arrhythmia
    • Dangerously low blood pressure

    Patients suffering heart attack or cardiac arrest linked with using GranuFlo® and/or NaturaLyte® products for dialysis—whether they were administered at facility operated by Fresenius or some other dialysis center which used dialysis product distributed under the Fresenius Medical Care network may be eligible to receive financial compensation. The GranuFlo® & NaturaLyte® attorneys at Weaver & Associates offer free legal consultation for personal injury suits for victims or family members of victims who had dialysis heart attack, or other cardiac events or negative health symptoms.

    Naturalyte®/GranuFlo® Dialysis Cardiac Attack Warning

    Fresenius dialysis centers utilized their own products Granuflo and Naturalyte through a dialysis procedure which clears waste from blood in patients with failing kidneys.  In the process, bicarbonate, which is alkaline, is provided to the patient intravenously in order to neutralize acid buildup in blood.  GranuFlo and its counterpart NaturaLyte are Fresenius products which have an ingredient which the patient’s body turns into bicarbonate at greater levels over competing dialysis products. Naturalyte & GranuFlo were naturally used at Fresenius’ own dialysis clinics, but also at other medical hemodialysis centers which purchased their supplies for dialysis from Fresenius Medical. An estimated 125,000 dialysis patients received the products through administration during dialysis at non-Fresenius centers and were also treated with the dangerous GranuFlo& NaturaLyte.

    If you are on dialysis or a loved one, and are wondering if the product you were administered was Granuflo or Naturalyte, you may refer to the product’s internet website, referring to Fresenius’ two products GranuFlo® as well as the counterpart NaturaLyte® as America’s “most-widely prescribed dry acid product in the dialysis industry today.”  Fresenius essentially answers your question with a resounding “Probably!,” “Most Likely!,” or “Yes!”

    Yet, an a Fresenius internal memo was sent to physicians that operate within its Fresenius dialysis centers that directly contradicted this assertion on the public website. Fresenius’ claims that GranuFlo and NaturaLyte’s safety was certainly a hypocritical statement at that point where they clearly understood the serious risks. Dated November 4 of 2011, the memo warned its own doctors that 941 dialysis patients had cardiac arrest within Fresenius clinics during 2010.

    Additionally, according to this internal Fresenius memo, physicians’ failure to properly administer GranuFlo & NaturaLyte properly contributed to drastically higher risk for patient sudden death due to cardiac arrest. The dangerous dialysis drugs were prescribed in coordination with bicarbonate, with physicians apparently not taking into account that elevated bicarbonate from the dialysis drugs Naturalyte and Granuflo when determining the dosage of bicarbonate separately. This internal memo, indicated that the company’s medical team had concluded that these patients having elevated bicarbonate blood levels had roughly 6 X the normal risk for cardiac arrest than patients having lower bicarbonate levels.

    Yes Fresenius refused to do the right thing by issuing a warning to patients or even outside clinics till March of 2012—a FULL FOUR MONTHS AFTER ISSUING AN INTERNAL MEMO REGARDING THE DANGER OF GRANUFLO & NATURALYTE. The company only issued the safety after the FDA obtained an anonymous forwarded copy Fresenius’ internal memo. Late May the same year, FDA officials alerted dialysis centers all over the U.S. that a complaint had been received regarding “alkali dosing errors that occurred during hemodialysis using dialysate concentrates containing acetic acid and acetate.” Per the agency, if bicarbonate is metabolized, the potentially dangerous sources for alkali may contribute to higher bicarbonate levels for patients in hemodialysis. This leads to metabolic alkalosis, in turn heightening risk factors linked with many serious heart conditions and side effects, such as cardiopulmonary arrest, dangerously low blood pressure, death and cardiac arrhythmia.

    Legal Help for Naturalyte/Granuflo Victims Cardiac Arrest

    If you have suffered due to Granuflo or Naturalyte by Fresenius, call us at 800-403-6902 to obtain a free consultation. This includes situations where you have observed the treatment of a loved one that suffered the unfortunate condition of cardiac arrest during dialysis, or an overdose of bicarbonate due to Fresenius Medical Care’s products which could be to blame. Injury victims of Naturalyte and GranuFlo  who had cardiac problems could have rights to financial compensation. To receive your free evaluation into your injury case, contact us by completing the form on this page or call Weaver & Associates today at 800-403-6902.