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Fosamax Lawyer for Fosamax Litigation & Lawsuit Attorney | Injury Lawsuit
BREAKING NEWS: Weaver & Associates Investigating Fosamax Femur Cases & Vaginal Mesh Injuries
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    Fosamax Lawyer for Fosamax Litigation & Lawsuit Attorney

    Fosamax Lawyer for Litigation

    Were you taking Fosamax and experienced bone breaks? If you had bone fractures while on Fosamax, you could be eligible to receive compensation from a Fosamax settlement or lawsuit.

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    Weaver & Associates shows links with Fosamax to spontaneous bone fractures.

    Fosamax® was designed for strengthening bones. Yet, on the contrary, in some cases, clinical research cases indicates the opposite, causing bones to fracture instead.

    Recent research shows some Fosamax patients have been injured from fractured bones, specifically the femur, which is normally the most dense bone in a human body.

    Researchers discovered that specifically women on Fosamax have a 125 times greater likelihood for suffering a femur break due to falls than those women who are not on the drug.

    Pharmaceutical and medical insiders point to the potential hazardous side effects were comprehended literally for years before the findings were officially released by the drug’s maker. In the year 2008, FDA officials reached out to Fosamax’s maker, Merck, regarding continuous tips which linked Fosamax with femur breaks. Unfortunately, Merck took a year and 4 months for a total of over 16 months to include femur fractures on the side effects list included with the package’s side effect insert.

    Additionally, spontaneous, low intensity-induced femur breaks from Fosamax can also cause osteomyelitis, which is inflammation of the marrow in the bone, and jaw osteonecrosis (ONJ).


    On the 13th of October, 2010, FDA officials issued a public alert warning doctors regarding the potential for severe bone injuries and bone pain linked with bisphosphonate medications like Fosamax. Although hundreds of these lawsuits against Merck from Fosamax have been filed, research and even warnings by the FDA, Merck still sells the drug Fosamax.

    Have you been impacted from Fosamax’s dangerous and painful side effects? Please call us immediately or complete the form on the right side of this page to obtain a free consultation from one of Weaver & Associates’ expert Fosamax lawyers.

    Weaver & Associates’ Promise for You

    If you select Weaver & Associates for your legal representation, we understand that you are placing a great deal of trust in us. We will not take any money from you, that is, you will not pay a dime for legal fees or even medical expenses in most cases unless we obtain compensation for your Fosamax injury claim. In the case that you do receive financial compensation, Weaver & Associates’ attorney fee is a % of the amount of money which is recovered in damages for you. This is calculated prior to your court fees and legal expenses are taken out.

    Obtain justice for your Fosamax injuries by calling now, or completing the form and allowing one of our lawyers to consult you regarding your legal choices.

    Do not let your opportunity for financial compensation pass by, if the statute of limitations passes, (due to legal time limits for filing your claim/lawsuit against Fosamax,) victims may lose their opportunity forever if they do not begin your legal claim quickly within the legal time allotted. To talk with a Fosamax attorney about your rights as well as potential financial legal awards, call or complete the form and we’ll contact you right away. If you need a Fosamax lawyer, fill out the form on the right to receive a free initial legal consultation.