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Can I Sue My Dentist? The Real Story about Dental Malpractice Lawsuits | Injury Lawsuit
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    Can I Sue My Dentist? The Real Story about Dental Malpractice Lawsuits


    The Real Story about Dental Malpractice Lawsuits

    Asked 1 month ago – Las Vegas, NV

    • Dental Malpractice
    A prospective client came into the office the other day with a dental situation. Here is how it was described to me:I just got one of my teeth removed. The dentist amazingly pulled one of my teeth that didn’t hurt. It was right next to the one which did. Even though I kept trying to tell him he was pulling the wrong tooth, he just told me that sometimes the pain seems like it’s coming from another tooth, but the tooth he pulled was TWO TEETH OVER FROM THE ONE THAT HURT!! I believed him at the time until I had the fully relief from the painkillers wear off only to discover that the pain was still there and continued for another several weeks. The pain was absolutely insane. They then covered over two of my teeth and when I came back in and complained they stated that they didn’t have any record of the fillings. I started to feel like I was in a horrible dream, except that I couldn’t wake up.This is what I told her about her case:It can be extremely difficult to judge medical malpractice without Sufficient Information

    Any personal injury attorney will tell you that you absolutely may sue your dentist. But the same personal injury lawyer will probably say out of the same mouth and pretty much int eh same breath that they would not really be able to represent you in that lawsuit. A typical injury lawsuit generally will have damages which are egregious or large enough in order to justify the expense of a lawsuit. Although general legal advice is not really suited to answer specific questions regarding your situation if you have a dental lawsuit question, you basically may even have a real cause of action to sue the dentist. But this would take an expert dentist witness. And most of the time this needs to happen as soon as possible after the offensive or improper treatment which caused you injury.

    Pain & Suffering is Generally Not Enough to Bring a Lawsuit Regarding Poor Dental Care

    If you were reading this right now, wondering whether your particular situation with a dentist merits getting a legal opinion regarding a personal injury lawsuit, I would tell you first & foremost that you should first make sure you get to another dentist and make absolutely sure that your mouth is taken care of. If you’re in pain, there are emergency dentists which you may visit in a time crunch. This dentist whom you visit would then potentially be able to give you an assessment regarding the damage to your mouth and teeth. Typically when you visit a personal injury lawyer, they would help you and arrange you to have a dentist who could expertly identify improper or substandard dental care.To Find Out If You Have a Good Case for a Personal Injury LawsuitAll that said, the answer in many cases is that unless your pain and suffering from substandard dental care is connected with incredibly expensive dental repairs that are valued in the thousands of dollars, most personal injury lawyers would shy away from this kind of lawsuit. It doesn’t hurt to find out, though! So if you’re still wondering, then feel free to fill out the form to the right and we’ll have a lawyer in your local area contact you to help you determine if you have a case!