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Birth Injuries Lawsuits | Injury Lawsuit
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    Birth Injuries Lawsuits

    Birth Injury Lawsuits By Weaver Law

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    Birth Injuries are the unfortunate result in some cases where the mother did nothing wrong but where the doctor or other medical staff either disregarded important medical protocol or simple made significant errors in delivering the standard of care required by their level of medical training. If there was no mistake made by the doctor or other medical professionals, then there is not necessarily a case for medical negligence; however, if there is a question as to whether the medical team operated at the minimal level of care, you should contact our birth injury law firm today to obtain a consultation regarding your rights. You might be entitled to receive compensation and other financial awards or settlements to handle potential followup medical care or ongoing necessary medical care.

    Birth Medical Malpractice suits

    Not only can injuries caused during the birth be devastating physically and medically, they can also cause severe trauma and emotional issues. Because of the sensitive nature of these types of claims, our law offices have the utmost care and compassion for you and your child or family member in helping you to recover fully for any acts of medical negligence. Contact us today to receive a free consultation. Remember, if you don’t recover, we will not charge you a dime for any time spent with our attorneys or legal staff.

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    With our offices, you come first. You will find caring and considerate staff all throughout the process who are willing to patiently handle the details of your potential lawsuit. Although future results cannot be guaranteed from prior results, you may rest assured that the best interests of your little one and of you are being held at the utmost consideration by us and our entire law office. Call us today at 800-403-6902 or fill out the form to the right.

    Birth injury and birth defects affect many more than we realize

    Complications during labor as well as delivery can result many problems for a new infant. These birth problems, referred to as collectively birth injuries, can be quite severe.

    A major reason for these birth injuries comes from oxygen deprivation, commonly occurring if the baby’s umbilical cord becomes compressed during the birth. Other main reasons include mechanical trauma during birth, in cases where the infant takes an unusual birth position during birth (such as being born “Frank breach” or buttocks first instead of coming out head first) or in cases where the infant is simply larger than can safely pass out of the mother through the birth canal in an easy way.

    Many birth injuries can be caused due to doctor mistakes made by them or by their hospital staff during the actual delivery. These kinds of birth injuries may occur when excessive physical force has been applied during delivery or in cases where there has been a significant delay for performing interventions that are necessary such as C-section baby delivery. Another common birth injury happens when the hospital and doctor baby delivery team does not properly anticipate the baby’s size, which can cause a severely turbulent labor & delivery.

    Birth injuries lawsuits most commonly arise out of situations involving operative deliveries (planned deliveries such as a scheduled C-section or a scheduled induced labor), whether the delivery is vaginal or whether it is an abdominal C-section delivery. This opposed to the less common birth injuries occurring in spontaneous child deliveries. It has been estimated and reported that 27 in 1,000 live baby births involve a birth injury.

    Some of the most common Birth Injuries which lead to birth injury lawsuits include: Cerebral Palsy, Brain damage, Temporary Paralysis, Erb’s Palsy, Klumpke’s Palsy, Fractured Collar Bone as well as Brachial Plexus Palsy.

    Birth injuries of the most severe nature are the ones affecting the baby’s brain. These birth injures are brought on from oxygen deprivation or in other cases by bleeding inside the baby’s skull or in the baby’s brain specifically. These birth injuries can greatly vary in their level of severity, and many unfortunately lead to a baby experiencing probblems of a long-term nature like seizure disorders throughout life or other major conditions such as cerebral palsy or in other cases mental retardation.

    Legal Help Injury Help For Victims Affected From Birth Injuries

    Birth Injuries affect both child and parents. If you or a loved one has been affected by a birth injury, call us today! Or fill out the form at the right! We’ll contact you immediately to discuss your options.