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Avandia Drug Lawyer | Injury Lawsuit
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    Avandia Drug Lawyer

    Avandia Lawsuit

    Serious cardiovascular adverse reactions along with potentially fatal drug complications due to use of the drug Avandia led scores of thousands of Avandia patients in the US to sue its maker, GlaxoSmithKline. GSK’s liabilities in the lawsuits could top 6 billion when all is said and done.

    Clinical research show Avandia to elevate risk for heart attack by levels of over 43% and twice the chance for heart failure following a single year of Avandia use.

    During research trials in a clinical environment, more patients died from cardiovascular problems while taking Avandia than patients on placebo. Yet Avandia’s stark black-box warning made no mention of this elevated risk for death linked to Avandia causing cardiovascular events. The FDA released a warning regarding Avandia’s cardiovascular death risks in the year 2007 at which point the warning was added to the black box label.

    A 2-year Senate investigation discovered that GlaxoSmithKline attempted to stifle health concerns which were duly noted by several of its own physicians as well as outside doctors who complained about the medication. A large number of Avandia patients hold GlaxoSmithKline responsible for not making doctors as well as especially its own patient consumers aware regarding risks for death linked to use of Avandia.

    Ongoing Avandia Drug Lawsuits

    Over 50,000 Avandia drug lawsuits have already been filed in federal and state courts in the US, which name GlaxoSmithKline’s intentional failure to notify patients regarding potentially serious and life-threatening cardiovascular risks and health symptoms, such as stroke from Avandia, Avandia induced heart failure, heart attack caused by use of Avandia, loss of vision and even death.

    Avandia has become a class action suit. If you or a family member has been injured due to the use of Avandia, call our law offices today or fill out the form to the right and we’ll contact you right away regarding your legal options and potential for obtaining financial compensation for your injuries or for a wrongful death of a loved one.