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Actos Lawyers and Actos Drug Lawsuits Weaver & Assoc. | Injury Lawsuit
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    Actos Lawyers and Actos Drug Lawsuits Weaver & Assoc.

    Actos Drug Lawsuits from Bladder Cancer

    Actos (which is the drug called Pioglitazone Hydrochloride) Has Associated Dangerous Side Effects Which Can Include the Following Heart Attacks, Especially Bladder Cancer, Other forms of Cardiovascular Disease and other Heart Risks | This FDA Warning Was Issued: Actos may Increase Risk of Bladder Cancer | Actos Associated With Severe Health Conditions (Click Here for an Actos Quick Fact Guide)

    Actos Image Bladder Cancer

    Actos Lawsuits Related to Bladder Cancer, Research Study into Actos Side Effects

    According to leading medical clinical studies conducted in August of 2011 reviewing the Actos side effects from using they determined that the link between Actos and the risk of bladder cancer are intense and serious. According to this report, thousands of people in the study (22,512) acknowledged having negative Actos side effects during or following having taken Actos. Among these side effects a FIFTH of a PERCENT were diagnosed with bladder cancer. Among bladder cancer patients, the largest subset (around 43% of bladder cancer patients) had used Actos from 2-5 yrs prior to developing Bladder Cancer. The following highest concentration (around 29% of bladder cancer patients) had used Actos for a period of ONE to SIX months.

    Liver Cancer WARNING for Actos

    The Actos Attorneys of Weaver & Associates and several other drug lawsuit attorney offices are investigating different, additional cancers which may be linked to the use of Actos, that also includes the condition of liver cancer. For those people who have developed any kind of liver cancer or if a loved one has contracted liver cancer after taking Actos, our dangerous drugs side effect attorneys are prepared to hear from you now. Our law offices offer free legal evaluations for any type II diabetic patients which have used Actos with a subsequent liver cancer diagnosis.

    Prostate Cancer WARNING for Actos

    The Actos attorneys of Weaver & Associates are in process of investigating additional potential associations linking Actos with cancer of the prostate. If you are a male and used Actos for your type II diabetes, with a subsequent diagnosis of prostate cancer, you’re urged to call our Actos attorneys today and we’ll provide you a free evaluation of your legal rights to financial compensation.

    Kidney Cancer WARNING for Actos

    The Actos attorneys of Weaver & Associates have started an investigation into possible links into Actos treatments that are connected to kidney cancer. Our attorneys want to talk with type II diabetics that have kidney cancer or who had it previously after or during Actos treatment for type 2 diabetes.

    List of Actos Drugs

    • ACTOPLUS MET. Main active Ingredients which include METFORMIN HYDROCHLORIDE as well as PIOGLITAZONE HYDROCHLORIDE.
    • ACTOS. The main active Ingrediaet is singly PIOGLITAZONE HYDROCHLORIDE.
    • PIOGLITAZONE. The main and singly active ingredient is PIOGLITAZONE HYDROCHLORIDE.
    • DUETACT. The main active ingredients are GLIMEPIRIDE as well as PIOGLITAZONE HYDROCHLORIDE.

    Are you a type II diabetic who has used Actos with a subsequent bladder cancer diagnosis? The defective pharmaceutical lawyers of Weaver & Associates will provide you a free legal evaluations regarding your injury lawsuit claims for financial compensation.

    The Actos attorneys of Weaver & Associates are furthermore investigating other potential cancer links possibly linked to the use of Actos. If your loved one or you used Actos with a subsequent cancer diagnosis of any type of cancer. These other cancers could include prostate cancer, liver cancer, or cancer of the kidney, our attorneys want to talk with you. Do not hesitate or worry about contacting our Actos attorneys today. Call us today or fill out the online form here on the page.

    Actos’s Dangerous Side Effects, Bladder Cancer Risk

    Actos Abdominal Pain Risks and Side Effects Bladder Cancer

    What Are Actos’ Side Effects?

    In 2011, Type II Diabetes treatment by the name of Actos (drug name piogliatazone) had sales halted by France’s as well as Germany’s medical regulators due to possible links to bladder. These decisions in Europe to place drug bans on Actos followed a study which was commissioned by the FMA (French Medicines Agency) and which concluded that patients who took Actos had higher likelihood of developing cancer of the bladder, which is an unfortunate and dangerous aggressive type of cancer.

    Also in mid 2011, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released an announcement that it was looking into Actos due to a potential potential bladder cancer elevated risk as of late 2010. The FDA said that early research coming from a ten year clinical trial which was submitted by Actos’ manufacturer Takeda indicated significant links with exposure between Actos with bladder cancer. Yet, some clinical evidence indicated that Actos patients who were on the drug a minimum of 2 years held higher risks for being diagnosed with bladder cancer.

    Early 2011, another clinical Actos study, reviewing Actos’ Adverse Event data reported to the Food & Drug Administration from the years 2004 to 2009, indicated patients of Actos had “disproportionate risk[s]” for suffering bladder cancer.

    New Actos Research Could Indicate Elevated Risk of Cardiovascular Side Effects

    Actos Causes Cardiovascular Injuries and Heart DiseaseLink between Actos and Cardiovascular Diseases among Actos Patients.

    New Actos clinical research has piled onto the mounting pile of clinical evidence which links Actos and Avandia with elevated serious negative health risks. While Avandia long was surrounded and mired in the negative health debate regarding cardiovascular conditions, Actos is a newcomer to this debate. Actos was formerly held to be a less dangerous type 2 diabetes medication alternative that caused its sales to go through the roof and major declines for Avandia.

    Another Actos Research Study Could Indicate Elevated Risk For Bone Fractures

    Actos Risk of Bone Fracture InjuriesMany older Americans could be at elevated risk of having bone fractures.

    Weaver & Associates had formerly noted a different study associated with Avandia as well as Actos and elevated bone fracture levels. The study from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism determined that Actos and Avandia raised risks for fractures among older postmenopausal females who have Type II diabetes. With men who have Avandia or Actos loop diuretics the same caution holds true for bone fracture elevated risks.

    Females over the age of 50 with broken bones had 71% greater likelihood to have a thiazolidinedione prescription. Among men, the elevated risk was at a triple rate over those patients who took a thiazolidinedione at the same time as a loop diuretic, such as Lasix.

    FDA Requires Black Box Warning for Actos

    Actos Blackbox Warning Required by FDA

    Following intense debate regarding the lack of safety of Actos–the type II Diabetes drug, FDA officials stated that risk for Actos would receive the black box warning which equates to a large black outline due to severe risks of having adverse heart and other cardiovascular conditions, such as heart failure, heart attack, as well as other cardiovascular deaths. The infamous drug black box warning holds the most severe FDA-ordered label change. The only thing more strongly ordered by the FDA is a mandatory drug recall.

    Actos Victims – Legal Help for Actos

    Did you take Actos and get bladder cancer or other dangerous side effects? Did someone you love take Actos and get bladder cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer or side effects of a different nature that were severe? Please don’t hesitate in calling us or filling out the legal case evaluation form here on the web page to get a free injury case evaluation from a competent defective drug attorney in our offices. You may also call us at the number at the top of this page.

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